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Liveup Sports Balance Board

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Liveup Sports Balance Board

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The balance board is used especially to improve one’s balance and coordination. Its design helps to strengthen the ankles, while keeping the user unencumbered for 360 degrees range of movement. It is extremely easy to use: just hop on the balance board and try to keep it horizontal without the edges touching the floor. It is great for rehabilitation as it helps to build and strengthen muscles with minimal stress on the joints and muscles. Also works great for sports training where balance is important. Compact in size and portable, it can be taken along anywhere for a low stress workout – at home, office, or even outdoors!
- Improves balance and coordination
- Strengthens the leg and ankle muscles, thereby increasing their range of motion
- Enhances trunk and pelvic girdle stability
- 360 degrees range of movement
- Easy to use
- Minimal stress on joints and muscles
- Ideal for rehabilitation and sports trainings
- Compact portable design, can be used anywhere